5 reasons manufacturers demand pinch-bottom bags

More and more, manufacturers of consumer goods that come in large packages are looking for the capability of producing pinch-bottom bags at scale. These bags are used for pet food, farm animal feed, charcoal, bird feed, firewood and other products.

Why are such familiar names as Purina, Frontier, Paws & Claws, Scott Pet, and others demanding pinch-bottom bags to distribute and sell their products?

Here are the reasons pinch-bottom bags are so popular

  1. Pinch-bottom bags are strong
    The combination of pinch-bottom and woven polypropylene are an unbeatable combination of strengths. The bottom seal is strong enough to stay secure during fill, transport, shelving, the trip home after sale and in-home storage and use.
  2. Pinch-bottom bags are durable
    The pinch-bottom seal provides enhanced resistance to leaks and infestation. This seal is engineered to anticipate all of the things that could go wrong and assure manufacturers, distributors and end-consumers that the product stays inside and protected from the elements outside the pinch-bottom bag.
  3. Pinch-bottom bags keep product dry
    Pinch-bottom BOPP bags are a better barrier against moisture and humidity. With the thermo-sealed bottom and corners, your product is hermetically sealed from destructive humidity as it moves through the distribution channel as well as the occasional exposure to standing water and rain. No bag is 100% waterproof, but pinch-bottom BOPP bags come as close as available using modern packaging techniques.
  4. Pinch-bottom bags offer optimal palletization
    The flat bottom also makes it easier for the bags to be stacked in a stable pallet arrangement. Your product will reach its destination with minimal disturbance and looking great for its retail presentation.
  5. Pinch-bottom bags stand out on the shelf
    The broader bag base can allow your package to stand out. When stacked on shelves, your branding and product specifications are highly visible. The flat bottom also makes it easy for the bag to be stood up on its end at retail, giving it an even more commanding presence in front of end-use consumers.

We made a short video about pinch-bottom bags to give you a better sense of why Anduro pinch-bottom BOPP bags are making our customers very happy.

The packaging industry loves pinch-bottom

But don’t just take our word for it. The packaging industry agrees that pinch-bottom bags are the future wave that is in high demand right now.

According to Market Research Intellect, “The Global Pinch Bottom Bags Market is growing at a faster pace with substantial growth rates over the last few years and is estimated that the market will grow significantly in the forecasted period i.e. 2020 to 2027.”

Transparency Market Research notes the reasons for these trends. “Pinch bottom bags are used to carry medium to large sized objects, which can be closed post-filling by the customer, either by sewing or pasting. Pinch bottom bags are customizable and have been made available in the market in many varieties with options for customization. There have been many changes in the consumer and supplier mindset regarding preference for certain products and the type of packaging used. The general trend is to prefer packaging solutions that have a neat visual appeal, are easy to handle, economical, customizable, and provide extended shelf life to the products.”

To talk with Anduro’s team about how pinch-bottom bags can work for you, please contact us and we’ll show you why Anduro has become known for the quality of our packaging.