Anduro Ups Capacity to 100 Million Bags

Anduro is expanding its manufacturing facility in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, adding production equipment that will increase its capacity from 75 million polywoven bags annually to more than 100 million. The expansion has resulted from growing client demands, according to Anduro President and CEO Marc Datelle.

“We have been the go-to manufacturer for an increasing number of products from the world’s largest producers of pet foods as well as major players in other industries, like charcoal and gardening supplies,” Datelle noted. “The additional demand justifies our investment in new equipment that will increase our output capabilities by a third.”

Anduro has consistently added SKUs over the last decade from major U.S. buyers, including Nestlé Purina, the world’s largest pet food producer. In recent years, the company has also gained significant market share with Central American pet food producers.


• Anduro’s Durofab® Pinch-Closure Bag has set new standards for strength and integrity in polywoven packaging products. Production of the bag was recently re-engineered, the new bag shipping at a third less weight than the previous generation product without sacrificing strength or integrity.

• Anduro has been a dedicated polywoven packaging manufcturer for more than a decade, serving the world’s most sophisticated and demanding producers of pet foods and other packaged products. Over that time the company and its products have proven themselves industry leaders in terms of quality and reliability.

• Anduro is in compliance with the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Bags are produced in Honduras and shipped to the U.S. tariff-free.

• No materials are purchased or produced in China or other Far Eastern nations, and therefore are not subject to any actual or potential effects of trade-war tariffs.

“Over the years we have been fortunate to expand our relationships with existing clients,” Datelle offered. “That goes a long way toward attracting new business. And it’s more than a strategy; it’s a practice that serves us and our clients very well.”

Anduro Manufacturing is the leading producer of woven polypropylene packaging for pet food, animal nutrition, home-and-garden, pet and cat litters, and a variety fo industrial products.