FAQ: Anduro’s upcoming move and expansion

On July 27, 2022, we were joined by San Pedro Sula mayor Roberto Contreras in the footprint of our new facility to announce our plans for a new and expanded manufacturing facility in Honduras. These frequently asked questions and answers help to put the plans in focus.

How long has Anduro been in its current location?

12 years. The current Anduro facility opened in 2009.

Why did you decide to move now?

Our business is growing materially and expansion space was not available in our existing location.

How long is your new lease?

The lease is for 7 years with potential for space expansion and term extension.

Are you committed to Honduras for the long haul?


Many Anduro competitors are in Asia or United States. Why Honduras?

We wrote about this question recently in the article “Why Anduro remains committed to Honduras in 2022 and beyond.”

“We could have located our company just about anywhere, but no matter how we crunched the numbers, Honduras and its business-friendly environment, was the perfect choice,” said Anduro CEO Marc Datelle. “When you consider the proximity to the United States, the labor pool, the favorable logistics, and the fact that we are able to conduct business virtually tax free thanks to CAFTA, the decision in favor of Honduras practically made itself.”

What is the expected transition timeframe?

We plan to complete the new building by July/August 2023. We will complete transition of operations to the new expanded location by October/November 2023.

How can clients be sure their bags will continue to be delivered on-time during the transition?

As demonstrated throughout our company history, Anduro’s reputation is one of absolute focus on client priorities and timelines. Most recently, this was demonstrated by our industry-leading 99% on-time record during the 2021 worldwide logistics crisis. We have engineered a seamless transition plan that will capitalize on our newly expanded capacity while leveraging our current installed manufacturing base.

What other capabilities will you be adding in-house as part of this expansion?

We will be adding the following capabilities both at our new location and at other locations within Honduras:

  • State of the art 10 color Flexographic printing
  • Increased lamination capabilities
  • Pouch making capabilities
  • Doubling our lamination capacity
  • 50% increase in pinch-pinch manufacturing process capacity
  • 50% increase in Sewn Open Mouth and Pinch / Flush manufacturing process capacity
  • Overall we will double our capacity for woven polypropylene bag manufacturing while adding new capacity for nearly 50 Million additional pouches and rollstock.

Are there efficiencies that translate to better pricing for customers?

  • Operating efficiency for large-run SKUs