Flying Fish: Things we love about Honduras #7

You’ve heard of fish jumping out of the water, but what about falling from the sky? No, this isn’t some new sci-fi thriller like Sharknado. It’s a natural phenomenon found in the tiny Honduran town of Yoro. In fact, once or twice every year since the 1800s, thunderstorms produce more than your typical precipitation. Hundreds to thousands of fish of all sizes rain from the sky, covering the area. 

Some scientists believe this phenomenon is caused by waterspouts, which are tornado-like columns of air. They infer that they suck up the fish from the Atlantic Ocean 45 minutes away and drop them onto the dry land of Yoro.

Referred to as “the rain of fish (Lluvia de Peces), the locals believe it’s a miracle. And recently, Regal Springs, which is a leader in sustainable fish production, has turned this bizarre occurrence into an economic opportunity for the local people of Yoro. They’ve branded the falling fish as “Heaven fish” and sell them to restaurants and fresh markets around the world.

Next time you hear someone say, “It’s raining cats and dogs outside”, you may think of Yoro, except it’s raining tilapia and snapper outside.

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