The world’s best coffee: What we love about Honduras #4

Coffee connects us in so many ways – to each other, to our senses, and to the earth that supports the coffee trees.
 Rohan Marley

If it wasn’t for coffee, I’d have no discernible personality at all.
 David Letterman

If we told you that Honduras is one of the largest coffee producers in the world — the fifth-largest worldwide in 2022 — would that do these noble beans justice?

Or should we suggest you just close your eyes and breathe in the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans from Honduras?

Or, maybe, the only way to understand why the world is crazy about Honduras coffee is to sit for a moment and sip a hot cup slowly, letting its richness and sturdy complexity open your eyes and your heart to our liquid national treasure.

What does Honduran coffee taste like?

What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.
— Henry Rollins

I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee.
 Burt Lancaster

What do you get when you pour coffee from Honduras? It’s been described as having an intense and powerful aroma, notes of chocolate, nuts and fruit, and an unbeatable combination of sweetness and zesty acidity.

In other words, as Twin Peaks’s Agent Dale Cooper would put it, “a damn fine cup of coffee.”

Why is coffee from Honduras so special?

Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven.
— Jessi Lane Adams

Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.
— David Lynch

What makes Honduras coffee so good? According to experts and producers, it all comes down to climate, elevation and soil. Honduras won the coffee lottery in all three areas.

According to Honduras’s Spirit Animal Coffee, here are just a few of the factors that make our coffee amazing:

  • The coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil, contributing to its unique flavor.
  • The climate in Honduras is perfect for coffee cultivation, with plenty of sun and rain.
  • The people of Honduras have a long tradition of coffee production, and they take great pride in their work
  • The high altitudes at which the coffee is grown contribute to its excellent quality and distinct brightness in taste.

Where can I taste coffee from Honduras?

As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?
 Cassandra Clare

Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.
 Stephanie Piro

The very best place in the world to drink Honduras coffee is, of course, in Honduras. Check out these in San Pedro Sula, where we live and work, or just Google for the best coffee in the Honduras region you’re visiting.

The second best place is in your home town at a coffee shop with discerning taste. Ask around: You’ll find them.

Finally, we live in outstanding times for great coffee. You can have the best of Honduras shipped to you. Spirit Animal, who we mentioned earlier, ships direct. And many other roasters ship whole beans or ground coffee straight to your home.

There’s more to love about Honduras!