Impressed with the New Press

Anduro Manufacturing is excited to announce that its brand new printing facility is up and running. Just a couple miles down the road from the new manufacturing facility in San Pedro Sula, Anduro’s ownership stake in GPS Printing gives the company a fully digital state-of-the-art printing facility. This addition greatly increases the capabilities of Anduro with the printing of its long-trusted woven polypropylene bags while also offering a lot more control. 

CEO Marc Datelle enthusiastically reports, “We’re now one of the only fully integrated facilities in the northern hemisphere. This is huge for us and our clients.”

Anduro’s chief packaging specialist, Jon Solberg notes, “We’ve always had world-class printing, but now we have it in our backyard. And even better, we’re now fully equipped to print anything our clients want.”

The stake in GPS Printing, which is in partnership with Resinplast, further demonstrates Anduro as a creative, quick, and innovative solution.

Solberg continues, We also now have the ability to adhesive laminate and slit so we can do any rollstock flexible packaging.”

In addition to the new in-house printing facility, Anduro will still rely on the support of its valued 3rd-party, high-quality printers that have been delivering top of the line results for years.