Improved Engineering Delivers Lighter, Lower-Cost Bags Without Sacrificing Strength or integrity

Anduro continues to forge new industry leadership with ongoing improvements to its own innovations. In 2017, the manufacturer of poplywoven packaging introduced its Durofab™ Pinch-Closure Bag, an alternative to a sewn closure with customized step-cut ends and a single-folded closure. The pinch-bottom bag is delivering a host of marketing and product performance improvements to producers of pet foods and other polywoven packaged products. Now Anduro has re-engineered its original pinch bag to reduce the weight of the final product by a third and more.

“Our strategy for continuous improvement involves working with our clients to learn how to better serve their efforts to get their products on retail shelves and attract shoppers,” explained Anduro President and CEO Marc Datelle. “A lighter bag translates as less material used to construct the bags which results in a lower-cost bag and a smaller carbon footprint.”

Prior to the re-engineering, the bags weighed in at an average of 155 GSM. The new Durofab Pinch-Closure Bags being shipped by Anduro today from its manufacturing facility in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, weigh in at between 90 and 110 GSM, depending on client specifications.

Through the re-engineering process Anduro was able to decrease the bag weight without sacrificing its strength or integrity. Strength is a key factor with polywoven bags in general, and Anduro’s pinch-closure product in particular. Anduro’s pinch-closure bags have been proven stronger than previous generation poly bags for enhanced resistance to leaks and infestation. The bags deliver a stronger barrier against moisture and humidity and other conditions that can compromise bag contents, a feature particularly critical to pet food producers.

“Lighter bags are a win-win,” Datelle noted, “better packaging for our clients and a better outcome for our environment.”

Anduro Manufacturing is the leading producer of woven polypropylene packaging for pet food, animal nutrition, home-and-garden, pet and cat litters, and a variety fo industrial products.