Purina One BOPP DUROFAB™ PINCH-CLOSURE BAG Anduro MFGIntroducing the Durofab™ Pinch-Closure Bag

The next evolution in woven polypropylene BOPP packaging

Polypropylene BOPP bags have revolutionized pet food packaging. Now comes technology to revolutionize BOPP packaging. The Durofab™ Pinch-Closure Bag is produced on newly developed dedicated machinery that delivers customized step-cut ends, a single-folded closure that translates into a host of marketing and product performance improvements.

An alternative to a sewn closure. The Durofab Pinch-Closure Bag offers manufacturers of packaged products an EZ-open alternative to traditionally sewn closures.

Easy open pinch close BOPP Anduro bag

Unique EZ-open features

Bags are delivered to the customer with one end secured, or “pinch-closed,” during production; the other end is left open, either step-cut or flush-cut per customer order. Unique EZ-open features can be designed into the open end to meet customer requirements.

Enhanced brand recognition. A Durofab Pinch-Closure Bag bottom presents a broader bag base, substantially enhancing the exposure of the product identity on the retail shelf.

A stronger poly bag. The Durofab Pinch-Closure Bag is stronger than previous generation poly bags, providing for enhanced resistance to leaks and infestation. The bag delivers a stronger barrier against moisture and humidity and other atmospheric conditions that can compromise its contents, a feature particularly important to pet food producers.

Resistant to breakage. Because the bag is more secure, it is also more resistant to breakage. The Durofab Pinch-Closure Bag simply performs better: during filling, including on existing heat-seal equipment filling lines; in storing; in transport; in the retail environment; and for the end user.

Cost-efficient. Because it requires no tape or thread during the manufacturing process, the Durofab Pinch-Closure Bag is a cost-efficient alternative to previous generation packaging.

Anduro continues its industry leadership with new refinements in raw materials to allow for hot-air welding, with an improved co-efficient of friction (COF) for impeccable performance on all types of filling equipment, and now with the technology and expertise to create pinch-closure bags, the next revolution in BOPP packaging.

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pinch close BOPP Anduro Bag

Pinch bottom enhances brand recognition

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