January construction update: Raise the roof!

Just one photo this month, because just one photo tells the story. The roofline is almost complete in this January 25th photo.

We’ve been checking in on progress on the big build. This month’s view is nothing short of spectacular. The construction team is doing an amazing job! We’ve come a long way from the launch of the building project six months ago.

Anduro Manufacturing, a worldwide leader in providing high-quality polywoven bags to the pet food and animal feed markets and other industries, has been experiencing significant growth in market share and demand for its products.

As a result of that growth and the continued demand for additional volume in polywoven bags and other market solutions that Anduro brings to the marketplace, the company announced that it will be materially expanding its manufacturing capabilities in Honduras in 2022 and 2023.

Progress continues. We’ll have more updates in February.