June Construction Update: Shaping up Quite Nicely

The team recently visited our new plant in San Pedro Sula, and we are happy to report that everything is really coming together.

Anduro’s new facility will have more than just short-term benefits. There will be an expansion of eco-friendly capabilities to produce quad-seal/bottom fold and glue bags that are made of 100% fully recyclable polyethylene. The focus will be initially on larger format bags for the pet food markets in Central, South and North America.

“We’re excited to be entering this space with a fully recyclable product that showcases our focus on sustainability as a company,” notes Anduro Manufacturing CEO, Marc Datelle. “This is in line with our goal of lowering our carbon emissions. To that point, our new facility will also be supplemented with solar power.”Overall, the construction is going according to schedule. New equipment is arriving, and the plant will begin producing bags this summer. The facility is slated to be fully operational in September. We’ll keep you updated on the progress.