Feria Isidra or the Gran Carnaval Internacional de La Ceiba

LA CEIBA CARNIVAL: Things we love about Honduras #6

The only thing better than a party is a country-wide party. Every year in May, the Hondurans dance, sing and have an incredible time for two weeks to honor St. Isidore the Laborer, who is the patron saint of La Ceiba. With more than a half million people flocking to Honduras to celebrate, many refer to the La Ceiba Carnival as the biggest party in Central America

Also known as the Feria Isidra or the Gran Carnaval Internacional de La Ceiba, this multi-week celebration dates back to 1917. The first week is typically mini carnivals in neighborhoods while the second week is packed with all-night parties featuring food and live music, especially Latin and Caribbean music. The neighborhoods playfully compete against one another, each trying to make their carnival the best around. The unforgettable La Ceiba Carnival always culminates with a giant parade filled with spectacular costumes, dancers, music and beauty queens.


This year, it starts on May 6 and ends on May 20. And also worth noting, May 15 is the annual national holiday that honors St. Isidore.


Located in northern Honduras, La Ceiba is a Caribbean port city.

If you can’t make it to La Ceiba Carnival this year, definitely add it to your bucket list. 

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