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It’s Done! The Final Construction Update

  After more than two years of meticulous planning and…

Construction update: The Finishing Touches

After nearly two years, Anduro’s brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is finally complete.

Flying Fish: Things we love about Honduras #7

You’ve heard of fish jumping out of the water, but what about falling from the sky?

Printing into the Future

As sustainability transforms from a buzzword into a necessary…

Impressed with the New Press

Anduro Manufacturing is excited to announce that its brand new…

June Construction Update: Shaping up Quite Nicely

The team recently visited our new plant in San Pedro Sula, and…
Feria Isidra or the Gran Carnaval Internacional de La Ceiba

LA CEIBA CARNIVAL: Things we love about Honduras #6

The only thing better than a party is a country-wide party. Every year in May, the Hondurans dance, sing and have an incredible time for two weeks to honor St. Isidore the Laborer, who is the patron saint of La Ceiba.

March construction update: walls and ceilings emerge

We did a progress inspection of our new Anduro Plant in San Pedro Sula in February. Above, you can see our inspection group being shown a future production room where the ceiling is finished and the floors are just about ready for the concrete to be poured.

2023 is shaping up to be a year of change and innovation in the bag industry

We sit down with Anduro Manufacturing CEO Marc Datelle to talk about what’s coming for his company and the entire bag business this year.

January construction update: Raise the roof!

Just one photo this month, because just one photo tells the story. The roofline is almost complete in this January 25th photo.

Anduro construction update: Our new building begins to take shape

Since the announcement of our expansion, we've been checking in on construction progress. This is a big one, as the new building really begins to show its large scale.

Rich, smooth chocolate: What we love about Honduras #5

For most of us, chocolate is a rich candy treat. But for chocolate producers in Honduras, chocolate is a quest and a way of life.

Despite some recent headlines, most pet food bags are not hazardous to your furry friends

Not only do Anduro-produced bags not have any presence of PFAS, such chemicals are not used at all at any stage in the company’s manufacturing process.
Logo: PFAS-free. Bags from Anduro Manufacturing are PFAS-free.

What are PFAS?

PFAS are a class of chemicals recently found by one environmental group to be contaminating some paper pet food bags.

Anduro’s new manufacturing facility continues to take shape

Work at the new site continues to accelerate, and we wanted to share some photos of the project as the shape of our new building emerges.

Anduro’s on-time record endures while the shipping industry slowly catches up

In 2021, during a global shipping crisis, Anduro was proud to finish the year with a 99% on-time record. 2022 is looking great as well.

What is GFSI certification and why is it important?

Keeping food safe during manufacturing and distribution is a top priority throughout the supply chain for human consumption and also for pets.

The world’s best coffee: What we love about Honduras #4

What makes Honduras coffee so good? According to experts and producers, it all comes down to climate, elevation, and soil.

Step by step: How Anduro manufactures BOPP Bags

Here's what it takes to get a woven polypropylene bag from original concept to retail shelf in record time.

Progress update on Anduro’s expansion in Honduras

The work at the new site has really been picking up. Here are photos of the project. Updates coming as we move toward completion in late 2023.

Delicious Baleadas: What we love about Honduras #3

You always remember your first love. But in Honduras, it’s almost as likely that you remember your first balleada.

What’s better than recyclable bags? Bags manufactured with 30% recycled materials

Anduro Manufacturing will soon be testing the use of 30% post-consumer polypropylene in the manufacture of its new woven PP bags.

Five reasons woven polypropylene is the future of packaging: Global supply institute

Woven bags are increasingly becoming a standard packaging material across multiple industries.Woven polypropylene is considered the future of packaging.

Woven polypropylene is everywhere! Case-in-point: these Annie Selke indoor/outdoor rugs

These gorgeous Dash & Albert Rugs brands are made from 100% woven polypropylene. It's a comfy, washable spot for your family to kick off the shoes and relax.

Exhilarating Roatán: WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT HONDURAS #2

Roatán belongs on your Caribbean bucket list! Coral reefs, great beaches, snorkeling and scuba make it one of the things we love about Honduras.

Anduro Manufacturing to expand operations in Honduras due to significantly increased demands for its polywoven bags and other packaging products

The company announced that it will be materially expanding its manufacturing capabilities in Honduras in 2022 and 2023.

FAQ: Anduro’s upcoming move and expansion

Anduro announced a new and expanded manufacturing facility in Honduras. These frequently asked questions and answers help to put the plans in focus.

Honduran cigars: What we love about Honduras #1

Honduran handmade, deeply flavored and increasingly popular cigars are, justifiably, one of the country’s biggest exports.

Why Anduro remains committed to Honduras in 2022 and beyond

In recent years, we’ve grown to further appreciate our decision to maintain our manufacturing and shipping facilities in Honduras, the reasons are clear.

Questions to ask when choosing or changing a woven poly bag manufacturer

If 2021 taught us anything, it’s this: when choosing a long-term…

As supply-chain crisis begins to show signs of easing, Anduro Manufacturing reports 99% on-time delivery throughout 2021

Anduro on-time delivery topped 99% in 2021. This was at the same time that other shippers of woven poly bags — saw on-time delivery drop as low as 40%.

Gulfport: Anduro’s secret weapon for on-time delivery in 2021

A lot of things went into Anduro’s ability to be there for our customers throughout 2021. Despite a worldwide supply chain crisis, driven by the Covid Pandemic, we were able to get bags to our customers with a whopping 99% on-time percentage.

Why Honduras is great for our business

We could give you lots of answers that are true — the people are genuinely nice, the weather is often wonderful and the lifestyle is relaxed while still rewarding hard work. Still, as true as all of that is, there’s one more important reason that we’re here.

Vote for Anduro and help us win!

Anduro Manufacturing has been nominated in our home state as a Best of Georgia™ company by the Georgia Business Journal. And it’s up to you whether or not we take home the win!

The kids of Anduro Manufacturing

Watch as the kids of Anduro walk you through the stringent safety procedures we’ve put in place to keep their parents safe and our products clean!

After a historic flood, Anduro leaps into action

Among the worst areas to flood in Honduras in the November 2020 storms was around San Pedro Sula, home to Anduro Manufacturing.

Anduro Fights COVID-19 in Honduras with Supplies for Healthcare Workers

The COVID-19 virus has severely impacted the citizens of Honduras. As the number of cases continues to rise, Anduro Manufacturing is lending its support.

Improved Engineering Delivers Lighter, Lower-Cost Bags Without Sacrificing Strength or integrity

Anduro continues to forge new industry leadership with ongoing improvements to its own innovations. In 2017, the manufacturer of poplywoven packaging introduced its Durofab™ Pinch-Closure Bag, an alternative to a sewn closure with customized step-cut ends and a single-folded closure.

Anduro Ups Capacity to 100 Million Bags

Anduro is expanding its manufacturing facility in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, adding production equipment that will increase its capacity from 75 million polywoven bags annually to more than 100 million.

Anduro Works with Charcoal Producers for a Dust-Free Retail Presence

Charcoal manufacturers have traditionally packaged their products in paper, most recently a type of multi-wall paper bag. But those bags lack integrity – and packaging integrity has become a huge issue in the retail environment.
Anduro Manufacturing News

Anduro Certified for Ethical Business Practices

Anduro Manufacturing has been certified an “Audited Facility” by Sedex (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) in accordance with the organization’s SMETA 4-pillars standard, one of the world’s most widely used ethical trade audits and strictest tests of ethical business behavior.

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