We test our BOPP bag strength so there are no surprises in shipping

Why do we test BOPP bags?

The worst thing that can happen to any bag, paper or woven polypropylene, is that it fails, either through tearing and puncture or through the common shipping or shelving incident of drops. 

We know that BOPP bags are uniquely strong, especially in comparison to single- or multi-walled paper bags. But we don’t rest in that assurance. We test it, constantly, so that our customers can be sure that the contents of their bags are protected during transit, at the retailer and, after sale, at the consumer’s home or business.

What kinds of tests do BOPP bags go through?

What goes into this testing?

  • Drop tests. We make sure that our bags stay intact when dropped from a standard height.
  • Tear tests. Especially during shipping, bags are subject to stresses that can cause less well-designed bags to tear.
  • No bag is puncture-proof, but we make sure ours are subjected to the most rigorous testing.

BOPP bag testing and research is aided by higher education

Recently, we engaged the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Material Science to independently verify the strength of our BOPP bags. You can see the results of this testing in the video below.

Georgia Tech and other top engineering schools are increasingly turning their attention to helping companies to make packaging even better. Their Packaging Research Center (PRC) features interdisciplinary research, design and testing from five different Georgia Tech Schools: Electrical & Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Materials Science & Engineering; Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; and Computer Science. The center conducts research and education in all aspects of packaging that includes design, materials, process, assembly, thermal management, and integration driven by applications, which include broad areas such as high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, automotive, broadband wireless, and space.

Our involvement with Georgia Tech and other research centers will help guide us to the next leap forward in packaging innovation. For a look at what they’re working on now for the future, see this video about cutting edge packaging engineering

Packaging science is an increasingly important area of focus in engineering schools throughout the world. Here’s how Rochester Institute of Technology describes this area of focus:

Packaging science is a dynamic major that integrates engineering, design, and business to develop and design product packaging for a range of consumer goods. Packaging engineers and packaging designers focus on understanding the packaging needs of a product and what it must accomplish. 

Why all this focus on higher education? Because the needs of a globally connected supply chain for product and packaging demand rapid innovation and reliable testing. At Anduro, we test our products on-site during the manufacturing process and together with our academic and regulatory partners to find the best way forward.

What’s next for BOPP bags?

Throughout the consumer packaged goods business, the needs and expectations that are shaping the bags we make today and in the future are clear. 

Smithers, a nearly 100-year old firm that focuses on packaging testing and design identifies four trends that cannot be ignored:

  • Global economic growth
  • Improving packaging technology
  • Consumer expectations
  • Brand-owner expectations

Look at how packaging technology has improved in the past decade alone. A key driver in that improvement has been sustainability. Smithers explains: “Concern over the environmental impact of products is an established phenomena, but since 2017 there has been a revived interest in sustainability focused specifically on packaging. This is reflected in central government and municipal regulations, consumer attitudes and brand owner values communicated via packaging.”

In short, the future of packaging is being driven both by technology and by the needs of brand-owners and consumers.

What’s next? We can’t wait to show it to you!

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