Woven polypropylene is booming at Anduro and around the packaging industry

The business that Anduro is in — manufacturing woven polypropylene bags for feed, pet food, charcoal and other dense and heavy contents — is booming.

According to independent research on the woven plastics industry, the business overall is growing at an annual rate of at least 5%, with some companies like Anduro doing much better. And according to The Plastics Industry Association in 2021, plastics overall is a $394.7 billion business.

As reported by Plastics Today, “For reasons of cost, strength and the environment, laminated polypropylene woven bags and sacks continue to dwarf their non-laminated counterparts—laminated polypropylene (PP) woven bags and sacks account for 60% of global sales.”

That report goes on to note, “With rising demand for packaging products, key players have shifted their focus to the production of PP woven bags and sacks to become the most reliable manufacturers of custom woven fabric.”

Or, as we like to put it at Anduro, business is good!

The reasons for the boom in woven polypropylene bags

At Anduro, the past few years have seen outstanding growth. “We work hard to engrain in every employee a culture that puts our customer first and as a result our reputation for delivering on what we promise has grown far and wide,” says Anduro CEO Marc Datelle. “In contrast to the exceptional costs and delays affecting competitors from Asia and India, our strategic location combined with our logistical planning has allowed us to consistently deliver on our commitments to customers despite clogged shipping ports worldwide.”

Why such strong and rapid growth? We believe it’s that the retail and transportation worlds are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of woven poly bags, often referred to as BOPP bags:

They’re lightweight but extremely strong.

They ship easily to customers for filling with product.

They look great on retail shelves and protect the contents from unwanted contamination. Plastic does a better job of keeping pests and moisture out and keeping the freshness of the product in.

They’re recyclable. And, even if they aren’t recycled, they take up less space in landfills than traditional paper bags. 

“The story of woven poly is one of ‘Where have you been all my life?’” says Datelle. “Once a customer tries out our bags — and knows they can actually get them on time — there’s almost no going back to paper or other less-sustainable or durable plastics.”

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